How internships can lead to fulfilling careers

internsYears ago, apprenticeships were considered the best way to teach young people new skills and allow them to sample the present-day working environment. And, while apprenticeships have suffered, internships – which are for recent graduates or young professionals changing career – have never been more popular. Wondering what you can expect from internships in your area of expertise? Let’s look at what you can gain from them:

  • Real life experience: there is no doubt that qualifications are important, but what they can’t teach you is how it really feels to do a certain kind of job. With internships, you may be starting off at the bottom, but it’s all good practice which future employers will appreciate.
  • Working with people is great for you professionally and personally: people-skills are crucial to everyone, and in any line of work they really matter. By interacting with people in your industry, you’ll pick up ways of doing things which make you more efficient, making you a better candidate for anyone who is thinking of giving you a job.
  • Learn about a career before starting it: many people worry about the lack of money in internships, but the key thing to remember is that here is a valuable chance to find out whether or not you really want to do the job. This is great for people who aren’t sure, or for those who have an open-mind about several possible career paths. Even better, internships are never a waste of time, as employers value anyone who has taken the time and effort to try and progress themselves.

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